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EVV Orientation Dates for Willamette Valley
Orientation for PSW Providers

“Assisting People to Become Independent, Healthy and Safe”
Department of Human Services
Office of Developmental Disabilities Services
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Kate Brown, Governor
This message is an update on the full statewide launch of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and next steps.
EVV is part of a federal law that was passed by Congress in 2016. It requires states to verify the delivery of Medicaid-funded Attendant or Personal Care services in real time (at the time the service is occurring) from providers.
EVV is only currently required for Personal Support Workers (PSWs) who provide the following Attendant or Personal Care services:
• OR526 – Attendant Care
• OR526/ZE – Attendant Care 2:1 staff
• OR507 – Daily Relief Care
• OR502 – State Plan Personal Care
The pilot for EVV with Jackson County CDDP and Creative Supports Brokerage is going well and has given us valuable information to create a solution to meet the federal requirements. We appreciate the work of PSWs, case management entities, employers of record and others in the pilot to help identify any issues before full implementation.
Statewide roll-out of EVV will be July 16, 2019. Orientation information will be provided in May through a separate communication and also on the EVV web page. Frequently Asked Questions documents and additional resources are available on the ODDS Electronic Visit Verification Project web page (
In addition, we learned that PSWs may need time to explore their options for using EVV when working. ODDS wants to support PSWs by giving them time to find ways to meet the EVV requirements before an exception is required. More information around exceptions to using EVV will be available at the orientation and on the website.
As a reminder, EVV will work on smart phones and tablets that can access the eXPRS website. eXPRS has been changed to have a website made especially for phones and tablets. This is called the eXPRS Mobile-EVV.
Please “like” the eXPRS Facebook page for updates and useful tips:
Information and updates will be posted on the EVV website. Please make sure to subscribe to stay connected:
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