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Who We Serve

Lane County adults experiencing intellectual or developmental disabilities who want to set goals, live their dreams, and choose the supports needed to live life as independently as possible!


Clients may choose to purchase support from agencies in the community. There are many excellent organizations that provide services such as respite, help with finding, learning and keeping a job, behavior support consultation, life skills, and personal care. The options can be discussed with a Full Access Personal Agent.


PSWs work with our clients to assist them in achieving the goals they set for themselves. PSWs work in diverse areas such as aiding clients to access the community, training clients in independent living skills, providing ongoing job support, providing respite to a client’s regular caregiver, and many other areas. Full Access Personal Agents assist clients with the hiring process, but PSWs are employed directly by the clients they support, not by Full Access.


We work with local businesses to provide needed supports for clients, such as transportation, vehicle or home modifications, emergency alert systems, and assistive technology needs.

Step 1

PSW Packet

Please download and print out the Personal Support Worker Packet

Step 2

Return Packet

Return the completed packet along with the required documentation to the Full Access office

Step 3


Check your email and follow the instructions to complete your Criminal History Check (CHC)

Step 4

Status Update

Check your email regularly after completion of your CHC to look for updates on your status

As a PSW, who is my employer?

Your employer is the client. Full Access is NOT your employer. The Personal Agent at Full Access assists the client in hiring you, but the choice to hire you and maintain you as an employee, is the client’s. You are NOT an employee of PPL. PPL is the fiscal intermediary for the support service funds of the client’s ISP.

How can I prevent getting locked out of eXPRS?

You get 3 attempts to successfully login to eXPRS before the system locks your user account. eXPRS is a secure DHS system, and as such, has features to prevent unauthorized access. One of these features is to lock a user’s account if their login attempts fail 3 consecutive times.

Most common issues that cause failed logins:

• Previous password has been saved in your browser (the program you use to access the internet, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or GoogleChrome). The browser will keep sending this saved password, even if you think you’ve changed it.
• Incorrectly typed password or login ID. Both are case sensitive, meaning if you use upper case when you should use lower case, the system will think it’s

If you get the “Login Failed” warning message when logging in, you can always use the “Forgot your password?” link to get a new temporary password for a reset & prevent a lock out.

IF you do get locked out for Too Many Failed Login Attempts, you can wait until a few hours and try to login again. The system resets all locked out accounts twice daily.


How do I renew my credentials?

PSWs must be re-credentialed & have their provider record “approved to work” status dates updated, at least every 2 years. Keeping credentials updated is the responsibility of the PSW. As a courtesy, the Oregon Home Care Commission sends reminder e-mails and postcards out about 4 months before credentials expire so they can be renewed in time to prevent any work gaps. Don’t ignore these notices when you get them! They’re important!! You can also check your credential expiration dates anytime in eXPRS.

To initiate the credential renewal process, PSWs must complete new CHC & PEAA forms & submit them to the Full Access office.

What is a Personal Agent or PA?

A Personal Agent (PA) works for their client to assist them in planning and developing disability-related supports so that they truly meet the client’s needs. The PA assists the client in identifying dreams and goals, determining the support needs necessary to pursue and achieve those dreams and goals, and finding the resources needed to provide those supports. The PA identifies resources available and then the client prioritizes and makes the choices.

What is a fiscal intermediary? What is PPL?

The State of Oregon has retained the services of a fiscal intermediary to handle the payment of support services to Personal Support Workers (PSWs). This company is called PPL and they are a payroll company. They will write the paychecks to the PSWs that the client employs, as well as process all of the tax related documents that the employer is responsible for.

Why haven't I been paid?

First, check to make sure your claims are in an approved status in eXPRS. If not, contact the Full Access data processing office.

Next, is it payday? Check the payroll calendar here.

If the claims are approved, and it’s payday, contact PPL at 1-888-419-7705.

Remember, if time sheets are turned in late, you may not be paid until the next check cycle!

Don’t see your question?

If we haven’t answered your question on this page, please contact us directly for additional assistance. Thank you!









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    Our philosophy

    Respect for the right of every person to exercise control in pursuing, developing, achieving, and maintaining a quality of life consistent with their preferences and choices. Our philosophy in supporting people with developmental disabilities is that when a person needs and wants professional support, that support should be melded with natural support.

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