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The Role of a Personal Agent

At Full Access, we are dedicated to helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) lead fulfilling lives and pursue their dreams. Central to this mission is the important role played by a Personal Agent (PA). In this blog post, we explore the perspectives of four dedicated staff members as they share insights about the crucial field of case management!

What Does Being a Personal Agent Mean to You?

Sam, Training & QA Specialist

“Being a Personal Agent to me means getting to know a whole person. Having the ability to help clients achieve goals and success in every area of their life is so exciting! Whether it be in the home, community, or employment setting; we are able to focus supports specifically for each person and work with an entire support team to ensure all needs are met to be successful.”

What Work Experience Led You to Where You Are Today?

Chris, Personal Agent

“Before becoming a PA at Full Access, I spent years trying out different hats and getting various life experiences. These experiences include working in group homes as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) and then as an Assistant Manager. My path then led me to a senior living facility where I started in the kitchen as a cook and worked my way up to director of memory care. These experiences led me to Full Access to share my knowledge and experience with those that I help support. I appreciate all the steps I have made in my journey, and I love the experiences I have gotten to have here at Full Access!”

What Do You Like Most About Being a Personal Agent?

Johnna, Personal Agent

“I love that every day is different. Being a Personal Agent is all about greeting the day and our clients with a fresh perspective each day. I get to connect with clients on a personal level, help them reach their goals, and help advocate for what they want in their lives. I also am so honored to be there for our clients when things in life are hard or they need that extra layer of support and encouragement. Being a Personal Agent is meeting humans where they’re at and ensuring that what they want for their life is what drives conversations and supports.”

Why Did You Decide to Work in Case Management?

Rachael, Personal Agent

“I did direct support for about 20 years when I made the switch to Case Management. Truthfully, I made the switch when I had the opportunity to work at Full Access.  Having been a Personal Support Worker (PSW) that worked through Full Access for so many years I knew that the people here and culture would be a place I would feel comfortable and safe to be myself.  I am able to do work I care about and do it with a group of people that all have a similar goal of support.  Oh, and I get to bring my dog, Sally, to work with me every day.”

Interested in Case Management? Check Out Our Career Opportunities!

Are you interested in a career in case management? Explore our career opportunities at Full Access! We take pride in recruiting Personal Agents who are qualified, knowledgeable, driven, and compassionate. If this sounds like you, check out our current job openings and apply today!









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